Perfect Beauty Congress - Prague

Date 30 May 2018
Location Perfect Clinic, Prague, Czech Republic

On May 26th The Perfect Beauty Congress has been held in Prague with our Partnership. Aptos threads and methods has been presented by our trainer Dr. Monika Kavková - "Kombinace metod a technik pro 3D omlazení obličeje a krku pomocí nití Aptos"; Dr. Kvakova had the 1.5.hour presentation on the congress, which made a great influence on doctors. After the presentation our stand was full of interested people on courses and products.

Plastic Surgeon MUDr. Lucie Kalinová, plastická chirurgie - "Nose Correction with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers or Aptos Thread lifting Method".

Dr. Vera Terzijska, who is had of dermatological association and co-owner of Perfect Clinic, presented Aptos as the worlds best product and reccommended to her collegues to use only Aptos methods.