Date 6 March 2018

On 25 January 2018 Aptos participated in the event organized by its exclusive distributor Germanos Medical, which was held in Beirut, Lebanon. Among 120 doctors who attended the event were dermatologists, plastic surgeons, ENT and aesthetic doctors. This was the highest rate of attendance and all doctors were very hugely interested in APTOS sessions. This is also a high rate compared to other companies’ events in Lebanon.

Speakers were presented from France, Germany and Georgia. Aptos trainer from Georgia Dr. Murat Tsintsadze read lecture about Aptos threads for face and body. Aptos co-inventor Dr George Sulamanidze, led live demo and Dr. Albina Kadjaia read presentation about combined threads and fillers. The presentations triggered huge interest among the attendees and there was an open discussion after each presentation.

From France, Dr. Mathieu Beustes and Dr. Ghislaine Beilin lectured about Pluryal injectables and Pluryal skincare. From Germany, Dr. Hale Kapkin lectured about Pluryal mesoline.