Date 4 May 2017

On May 6-8th, international conference for dermatology and cosmetology Sharm Derma was held in Cairo, Egypt.

This conference covered all the recent aspects in aesthetic medicine field with both patient safety and marketing techniques.

New aspects in aesthetic surgery will stress the importance of the field of genital plastic surgery. One could meet the experts from all over the world on Sharm Derma including Egyptian renowned names in breast, abdominoplasty, liposuction, facial aesthetics and injections.

10 of our eminent ISAPS international speakers were attending to ensure a successful course on the shores of the great Nile in the heart of Cairo.

All professional speakers from all over the world were sharing their experience and skills to their colleagues in order to enhance the standards of procedures and hence patient satisfaction.

Aptos Trainer Dr. Amr El-Naggary has been presenting Aptos Session with the speech - Thread lifting methods: Why Aptos?