Date 6 June 2017

The Aim of the Course – to introduce the modern approach of face and neck soft tissues thread lifting, to pass the unique personal life length in Aptos methods applying area to specialists. Herewith the special attention will be paid to their combination: Aptos new products magnificently supplement previous developments of the company opening up possibilities for the specialists! Doctor will also mention the simple but extremely important aspects on Aptos threads application. The doctors will be provided with the certificates allowing practice of Aptos methods after the course.

Theory of aseptics and antiseptics. Overview of Aptos, Light Lift, Excellence, Nano product series. Application areas and selection criteria. Combination of the methods. Contraindications, recommendations, complications, rehabilitation. Physiology of face aging. Anatomical aspects of correction. Historical studies.

Broadened potential for doctor-dermatocosmetologists. Principles of law, licensing documentation, qualified consultation and preparation of patients for the procedure. Patients selection criteria and methods. Demonstrative procedures and combined methods of thread introduction. Specialists’ hands state.


Case Study


Patient T ... 10 years ago, performed augmentation mammoplasty (the name of implant manufacturing company is unknown) through para-areolar access in another medical institution.

Complains on worsening of the form of the mammary glands, their ptosis, asymmetry, large circle of areoles. In addition, complains on the presence of a scar on the anterior wall of the abdomen after appendectomy performed in childhood.

Objectively: there are mammary glands of the third size. The right one is slightly larger, the ptosis is pronounced - 3 degree, the areoles are large, about 7 cm in diameter, para-areolar scar is pronounced, palpation of the gland is soft, implant is not felt, scar in front of the abdominal wall is about 8 cm wide, atrophic.

It is proposed to perform:

  1. Aptos Mastopexy – thread lifting of the breast with suturing to the collarbone.
  2. Lipofilling of the left breast.
  3. Narrowing of areolas and creation of its final form by Aptos method (threads) AN2G.
  4. Correction of the scar of the anterior wall of the abdomen and suturing the resulting wound - Aptos Sutures