Date 18 October 2017

Aesthetic rejuvenation now encompasses so many topics that practitioners in one area may feel out of touch with developments in other areas in the same field. With over 70 chapters, over 1200 figures (many in full color), over 80 tables, and over 20 videos, from an international list of contributors, under an eminent team of editors, Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery is a comprehensive and authoritative resource. It covers a wide spectrum of topics including the fundamental aspects, cosmetic aspects, minimally invasive surgery, the aesthetic facelift and many others in this most high-profile of medical and surgical specialties.

We are proud to announce that the inventors of Aptos (Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze, Dr. Konstantin Sulamanidze and Dr. George Sulamanidze) are also the authors of the chapter in Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery book. The chapter is about Soft Tissue Lifting by Suspension Sutures.

You can read the full chapter here:

 Soft Tissue Lifting by Suspension Sutures