Aptos HA Global campaign has launched

Date 22 September 2020

Last year we have presented a revolutionary new formula of thread composition - the 3rd Generation Aptos Thread with Hyaluronic Acid.


P (LACL) HA thread insertion provides ongoing and progressive rejuvenation for the facial tissue and we have seen a huge amount of brilliant results achieved by the doctors from around the world during this year.


As an aesthetic field innovator, we constantly have an eye on the needs of aesthetic professionals to come up with new ideas and products, as well as improve the ones you already love to use in your practice.


Providing the Visage Excellence HA for more than tens of thousands of rejuvenation procedures around the world, we are launching the Visage Excellence Soft HA and Nano Excellence HA, which have the whole range of benefits granted by improved thread composition and due to modernized needle type new product allows to perform even more delicate treatment.


As always, we do not miss the chance to encourage doctors who have already chosen Aptos methods, as well as those who want to join the ever-growing Aptos community, giving you an exclusive opportunity to try new products in practice and win some brilliant prizes.


The Aptos HA Global Campaign starts on October 1, 2020 and runs until March 31, 2021*.

Enter the campaign for a chance to win multiple prizes!



1.     Purchase any Aptos HA product

2.     Find a puzzle piece inside the box

3.     Scan QR code on the back side of the puzzle piece

4.     Enter and Validate the individual puzzle code

5.     Go on and complete the puzzle to instantly choose your reward

6.     Answer few questions about Aptos in order to proceed and win prizes. 

7.     Take a picture with your puzzle piece and post it to your social media with #APTOSHA hashtag

Found a puzzle piece with the same letter?

Every letter is another chance to win more prizes. Submit as many codes as you find in every product box. Top 3 doctors with the most number of letters will get awards. The giveaway will be held at the end of December and March.



Instant prizes (for collecting APTOS letters and answering respective questions):

Personal training by Aptos inventor in Georgia (Full trip)

Full congress entry passes for:

·       Next IMCAS Paris

·       Next AMWC

·       Next Kolkhida


·       Visage Excellence Method HA (X3) - X10

·       Visage Excellence Method Soft HA (X5) - X10

·       Nano Excellence Method HA (X8) - X10

Instant prizes (for collecting APTOSHA letters and answering respective questions):

Full Trip to the following congresses:

·       Next IMCAS Paris X5

·       Next AMWC X5

·       Next Kolkhida X10

Instant prizes (for collecting only HA letters and answering respective questions):

HA Combo, which includes all three HA product:

·       Visage Excellence Method HA

·       Visage Excellence Method HA Soft

·       NANO Excellence Method HA

Giveaway prizes (based on answering respective questions about Aptos):

Full Trip to the following congresses:

·       Next IMCAS Paris

·       Next AMWC

·       Next Kolkhida

Full congress entry passes for:

·       Next IMCAS Paris

·       Next AMWC

·       Next Kolkhida


For more information on how to take part and win watch the video instruction or contact your local distributor.


Aptos HA products is a new chapter in Aptos's history of innovation, and we are excited to share this opportunity of using one of a kind thread with you.

Learn more about Aptos HA products here.


*The campaign is open to residents of the EU, UK, Middle East, South East Asia and India.

**Best results will be chosen by scientific department of Aptos LLC

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