Date 10 January 2018

Date: Thursday 1st of February 2018


Dr. George Sulamanidze

Time: 14:30

Room 11

Round table - Product Analysis – Cutting Edge Novelties with Threads


Dr. George Sulamanidze

Time 16:40

Room 2

Threads And Combined Treatments

Title: Combined Treatments By Threads For The Midface


Dr. Albina Kajaia

Time: 16:30 - 17:30

Room 2 

Threads and combined treatments- Criterium for selection of patients and methods for thread lifting 


Date: Friday, 2nd of February

Aptos Satellite  

Room 253, 8h30- 19h


Dr. George Sulamanidze

Time: 12:20

Room 12

Target Course - All You Need To Know About Threads

Title: Criterion Of Patients And Methods Selection For Thread Lifting


Date: Saturday, 3rd of February


Dr. Albina Kajaia

Room 3

Time 12:06

EEMC - Complications and difficult cases for the lower face (in collaboration with IECTC


Dr. Konstantin Sulamanidze 

Time: 14:20

Room 7

Live demonstration

Title: New minimal invasive techniques of face lifting and beautification with Aptos threads. Live procedure of nose correction with Aptos threads


Aptos Symposium

Time: 15:00- 16:00

Room 2

how to fight against it properly by Dr.George Sulamanidze  Soft tissue compartments – face aging base. Etiology of tissue ptosis and Protocols of face rejuvenation. Application of the golden triad of aesthetic medicine – Botulotoxin , filers and Aptos by Dr.  Albina Kajaia


Dr. George Sulamanidze

Room 3

Session 212

Time 16:30-17:30

Round table about threads


Dr. George Sulamanidze

Time: 5:54

Room 7

Video Class – Threads

Thread Lifting, Expectation And Reality: View Of Doctor And Patient

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