John Bannon to be the Distributor of Aptos in UK and Ireland

Date 10 September 2019
Location Tamworth, UK

Established in 1985, John Bannon Ltd has become a market leader in the Irish Medical Industry.

The companies competitive advantage lies in the management of it's customer relationships. Through the years strong relationships have developed built on trust, impeccable customer service and communication, placing John Bannon Ltd in a strong position in relation to the introduction of new products and the development of its customer base.

Second to the companies client management is its focused strategy. By maintaining a policy of specialisation in specific areas of surgery, John Bannon Ltd has nurtured certain niche markets such as Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, ENT and Cardio-thoracic. Therefore focusing the company's attention on making each product market leader. This policy has proven successful and has driven growth steadily over the years.

In 2010 John Bannon Limited expanded into Aesthetic Medicine. We provide an extensive range of non-surgical products such as Fillers, Toxins & Skincare to this market.

We understand the importance of supporting and educating our customers on new products. Thus, in January 2014 we announced a program of training courses to take place during the year by our highly trained Aesthetic Nurse Specialist.

Our main focus is to remain committed in providing excellent brands and the very best of service & support to our clientele.