The rehabilitation period after the procedure of thread lifting takes on average about one to two weeks. Strict adherence to the recommendations for skin care helps to get rid of discomfort and reduce the likelihood of complications.

In places of threads introduction there can be edemas and small bruises. Sometimes there are minor, skin-tight punctures, slight asymmetry and pain. These are natural manifestations of the recovery process after invasive intervention, which can persist for some time after the completion of the rehabilitation period (up to three months).

In case of inflammatory reactions, large hematomas, thread contouring, severe asymmetry, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible, since such manifestations are considered as an adverse reaction and require immediate intervention.

Recommendations for care of the correction area

·      In the first 48 hours after the procedure, it is recommended to periodically apply cold to the skin surface in the correction area to reduce edema and alleviate pain. Taking of analgesics is acceptable;

·      During the first three days, regular treatment of puncture sites with antiseptic solutions is necessary;

·      Careful treatment of the treated tissues during the first days after the procedure - it is advised to sleep on the back and do not massage the skin in the places where the threads are installed.

To reduce swelling at the site of installation of threads, it is possible to apply "Traumeel" and "Heparin". External ointments should be applied in certain directions and movements, which will indicate the doctor, to avoid the displacement and deformation of the threads.

To minimize possible complications after an invasive intervention, antibiotics may be recommended, according to the prescriber's instructions.

Restrictions during the rehabilitation period

·      You should abstain for two or three days from taking hot food and drinks;

·      During the first 2-3 weeks any physical activity and heavy loads (fitness, swimming pool, sports) are not allowed;

·      Within two months it is recommended to refuse any physiotherapeutic procedures, miostimulation and massage;

·      If possible, avoid facial activity in the first week or two, for example, try not to frown and avoid intense chewing movements);

·      Avoid heat exposure to the skin (bath, sauna, solarium, sun exposure, hot showers) during the first month;

·      Abstain from alcohol for two weeks after the procedure;

Recommendations for reducing the rehabilitation period

In consultation with the doctor, in order to consolidate the positive result and reduce the rehabilitation period, in addition, patients can be assigned restorative procedures, such as:

·      Plasmolifting - applied by the course before, on time and after introduction of threads;

·      Microcurrent therapy and plasmolifting - throughout the rehabilitation period;

·      Hardware and injection procedures - in two or three weeks.

To observe the process of recovery and follow-up of the end results, the patient is obliged to appoint repeated visit - the seventh and fourteenth days after the implantation of the threads. It is also advisable to come for consultation 3 and 6 months after the procedure. If you experience persistent pain and any anxiety symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible for consultation and examination.