The methods have been invented in 1996 by Georgian plastic surgeon Marlen Sulamanidze and has been developed by Dr. George and Constantin Sulamanidze.  

It has been more than 21 years passed since the first Aptos thread and method been introduced to the aesthetic world.

Today a new and an old experienced Aptos threads have created all-inclusive product system for everyone – for junior, senior and professional doctor. 

Threads are presented with specially designed barbs, meant to carry out both, lifting and revitalizing effect. Once inserted into subdermal tissue, the barbs lift the skin, creating fibrosis and stimulating formation of new collagen, necessary to provide support for the soft tissues, that lift them and hold in an upright position. As a result, better facial contour is visible immediately after the procedure.

Aptos threads are available both in permanent (polypropylene) and resorbable (polylactic acid/caprolactone) version. Both materials are safe and widely used in surgery for more than 50 years. Result after thread-lift lasts for 1,5 - 5 years, depending on thread composition. 

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