Creating APTOS threads

The author and developer of the APTOS thread method is one of the world's leading plastic surgeons, Dr. M. Sulamanidze. The idea is based on the modernization and adaptation of used in surgery threads for use in aesthetic surgery and cosmetology.

Since 1996, the threads have been modernized several times, resulting in the development of a line of innovative products aimed at solving specific aesthetic problems, and the ability to combine threads of different types allows to select the optimal solution even in difficult cases.

The last significant technological achievement was development of threads with incisions, the presence of which helps to fix the threads in the best way during introduction and, thus, to ensure the maximum effect of the procedure, and also prevent their displacement in the future, and therefore to exclude the possibility of side effects.

The method of thread rejuvenation is patented and is successfully used by plastic surgeons of 50 countries around the world.